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April 13 is a very special date to show all our affection and affection to those who matter to us. Since 2013, International Kissing Day has been celebrated, a date that invites us to reflect on this act of love as old as humanity itself.

Since time immemorial , the kiss has been considered one of the most universal forms of communication, since it transcends linguistic and cultural barriers . Through this simple gesture, people can express their feelings and emotions, as well as seal affective ties that can last a lifetime.

Currently, the kiss continues to be a very popular form of expression, especially among couples who love each other. But what is behind this intimate and passionate gesture? Why is the kiss still such a powerful and universal act of love? What are some interesting facts you may not know about kissing?

Kissing is a very old form of communication dating back to prehistoric times. Human beings communicated through body language and physical contact, and the kiss was one of the most universal ways to show affection and love. However, throughout history the kiss has had many cultural and symbolic connotations. In ancient Rome, for example, it was considered a form of greeting and respect , while in Japanese culture it is a very intimate demonstration of love and passion.

Today it is still a very powerful expression of love and affection, but it also has some interesting curiosities that you may not know about. For example, did you know that humans aren't the only animals that kiss? Chimpanzees, elephants and dogs also do it to show affection and emotional connection.

Also, kissing has many health benefits. Kissing someone you love can release endorphins, the feel-good hormones , which can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also strengthen the immune system through exposure to another person's bacteria, which helps increase the body's resistance to disease.

In short, kisses are a fundamental part of our culture and our history, so much so that they have defined us through the centuries. Therefore, take advantage of this day to spread a lot of love and... kisses for everyone!

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