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Bronco has always loved playing outdoors, running around the garden and exploring the nearby forest, but one day, something unexpected happened: the rain started to fall and wouldn't stop.

Bronco looked out of the window with a sad face. The sunny day had turned into a grey and rainy day. He couldn't play outside like he used to, and his family was busy at home with their chores. Bronco didn't know what to do to pass the time.

So, he decided to explore the house in search of indoor adventures. He started in the living room, where he found a pile of books. He walked over to it and began to flip through the books with his snout. He found a book full of magical stories and lay down on the couch to read it. He delved into the stories and soon forgot about the rain outside.


After having fun with the books, he went to the kitchen, where his family was cooking. There, Bronco volunteered as an assistant, scooping up crumbs and savouring the delicious drops that fell on the floor. The kitchen was filled with laughter and joy as Bronco helped.

Later, Bronco decided it was time for a little nap. He climbed into his bed and curled up, listening to the sound of the rain on the roof. He felt warm and comfortable, and soon fell asleep.

When he awoke, the rain had stopped. The sun was beginning to peek through the clouds, and Bronco felt energised. He ran outside and jumped in the puddles left by the rain, enjoying its freshness and fun.

Bronco had learned that, even on rainy days, he could find ways to have fun and make the time pass quickly.

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