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Our dear furry friend, Bronco had always been fascinated by the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen of his house while Lucas was cooking.

One day, while Lucas was preparing his dinner, Bronco couldn't resist any longer. He crept into the kitchen and jumped onto a chair, watching Lucas chopping vegetables and mixing ingredients in a pot. Bronco was mesmerised by the process.

That night, after dinner, Bronco lay awake in his bed, thinking about how wonderful it would be to be able to cook. He knew he had to learn the art of cooking. He decided that the next day, he would begin his training.

So, the next morning, while Lucas slept, Bronco ventured into the kitchen. He began to explore the drawers and cabinets, finding pots, pans and utensils. He knew he had to be careful, so he chose an apron he found hanging and tied it around his neck.


Bronco started with something simple: a fruit smoothie. He found a blender and, with his snout, threw some fruit and yoghurt into it. Carefully, he pressed the button and, voila, he made his first smoothie. Although he spilled a little on the floor, Bronco was thrilled.

As the days went by, Bronco practiced more and more. He learned to chop vegetables, boil water and roast meat. He even tried his hand at baking biscuits and cakes. He was always willing to try new recipes and flavours.

One day, Lucas walked into the kitchen and found Bronco working on a special recipe for him. Bronco had prepared an exquisite dish. Lucas tasted Bronco's food and was impressed by the taste.

From that day on, Bronco became the official chef of the house. He prepared delicious dishes for Lucas and his friends, who often came over for dinner. Bronco was proud of his culinary skills and, together with Lucas, opened a small restaurant where everyone could enjoy his delicious creations.

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