Children's Story: Cinderella and Bronco

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Once upon a time there was a young girl named Cinderella, who lived with her wicked stepmother and two cruel stepdaughters. Poor Cinderella spent her days doing housework and dreaming of finding true love.

One day, while in the woods collecting twigs for the fire, Cinderella came across a big brown dog who was lost and scared. Cinderella took him home and named him Bronco.

Bronco became Cinderella's faithful companion and was always by her side, helping her in any way he could. However, the stepmother and stepdaughters hated him and always kicked him out of the house.

One day, a ball was announced at the prince's palace, and all the young ladies of the kingdom were invited. Cinderella dreamed of going, but her stepmother forbade it and left her at home.

cinderella and bronco

While she was crying in her room, Bronco appeared and handed her a beautiful crystal bag. Cinderella opened the bag and found a dream dress and glass shoes.

Cinderella put on her dress and shoes and went to the ball, where she captivated the prince with her beauty and grace. But when the bell that indicated the end of the ball rang, Cinderella realized that she had forgotten her glass slippers.

The prince searched the whole kingdom for the owner of the glass slippers and came to Cinderella's house. There, the stepdaughters tried to put on their shoes, but they did not fit.

Bronco approached the prince and barked at him, drawing everyone's attention. The prince realized that Bronco was Cinderella's faithful friend and gave him the glass slippers.

Cinderella put on her shoes and the prince fell in love with her even more. Together, they lived happily ever after, always with Bronco's faithful and protective company.

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