How the April Fair is celebrated in Seville

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The April Fair in Seville is one of the most important festivities in Spain and one of the most popular celebrations in all of Europe. This event is famous for its festive atmosphere, its beautiful booths and its incredible attractions, which makes it interesting for lovers of Spanish culture and nightlife.

This fair is held every year around the month of April, approximately two weeks after Easter, and lasts for a full week. During these days, the entire city is filled with color, music and fun. The streets are decorated with lanterns and colored flags , while locals and visitors prepare to live a unique experience.

The fairgrounds are one of the liveliest places in the city during this week. There, the streets are filled with booths , which are private spaces where friends, families and companies gather to enjoy the party. Each booth has its own music, decoration and atmosphere, which makes them unique. In them you can enjoy live music, typical food and drink, such as fried fish, Iberian ham and manzanilla, among others.

One of the most special moments of the April Fair is the lighting, which marks the official start of the festival. During this act, all the lanterns are lit and the start of the fair is announced. Another characteristic that makes it special is the typical clothing. Men usually wear a suit jacket, while women wear the flamenco suit , which consists of a ruffled dress and a Manila shawl. This clothing is unique and represents Andalusian culture in a very authentic way.

In conclusion, the April Fair in Seville is an experience that you cannot miss if you are in Spain during the month of April. The city is transformed into a festive atmosphere, where you can enjoy typical music, dance, food and drink, and get to know Spanish culture in an authentic way. Even our Bronco has come over to enjoy the party!

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