Functions and types of toilet lifts

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For many people with physical disabilities or reduced mobility, using the toilet can be a real challenge in their day to day. Luckily, the toilet lift is a tool that makes this daily activity much easier for them. This curious device that is placed directly in the toilet bowl allows the height of the seat to be raised , facilitating access and exit for people with physical limitations.

The WC riser is expressly used to raise the height of the toilet seat, which can vary up to more than 10 cm depending on the model and the needs of each person. It is a tool that can also be used by people with knee or hip problems , who need to raise the height of the seat so they don't have to bend down so much. It is even recommended for those who have undergone surgeries in the pelvic or abdominal area, as it allows them to avoid putting pressure on these areas.

What types of elevators are there?

There are different types of toilet lifts on the market, each with their own characteristics and different prices. The most common devices are:

  • With lid: they consist of a platform that is placed on the toilet seat, with a lid that opens and closes.

  • Without lid: they are similar to the previous model, but without the lid and somewhat cheaper.

  • With armrests: its armrests facilitate the transfer of the user from the wheelchair to the toilet itself.

  • With backrest: this backrest provides greater comfort and support to the user, although they are usually more expensive.

  • With height adjustment: they allow you to adjust the height of the seat according to the user's needs.

In general, the use of an elevator can considerably improve the quality of life of these people, by allowing them to carry out an activity as common as going to the bathroom with greater comfort and autonomy.

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