Spring and happiness have arrived!

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Spring has arrived! The most anticipated season of the year begins on March 20 and with it comes a new beginning. Spring is a time of flowering and growth, where plants and trees begin to wake up from winter and show us their beauty with colorful and fragrant blossoms.

In addition, this celebration coincides with the International Day of Happiness, a date that invites us to reflect on the value of happiness in our lives. On this occasion, we invite you to explore how spring and happiness are intimately related.

Spring is a season that brings us a lot of light, both physically and emotionally. The days lengthen and the sun begins to warm our faces. Sunlight is a powerful natural antidepressant and, during the spring, we can take advantage of it to improve our mood and mental health.

In addition, spring invites us to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Parks and gardens are filled with color and life, and we can enjoy nature in all its splendor. Walking through a garden full of flowers or sitting on the grass to enjoy the sun are activities that can make us feel happy and relaxed.

Another way spring can make us happier is through social connection . This is a time when many people start to get out more, organize outdoor events and enjoy group activities. This gives us the opportunity to connect with friends and family and to strengthen our relationships.

Finally, spring also invites us to renewal and change. We can take advantage of this season to make changes in our lives, from small things like changing our exercise routine or our diet, to big changes like starting a new project or a new job. Spring reminds us that there is always an opportunity to start over and to grow!

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