Nurses: a fundamental pillar in medical care

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World Nursing Day is a special occasion celebrated every May 12 to recognize and honor the tireless work of nurses. These health professionals play a vital role in our society, providing quality medical care and encouraging the promotion and maintenance of our health.

Nursing is the heart and soul of the entire health care system . Their job goes beyond administering medications and performing technical tasks. They are health advocates, leaders in promoting healthy lifestyles, and provide invaluable emotional support to both patients and their families. They are present at all stages of care, from birth to end of life, and their dedication and commitment are relentless.

They spend most of their time with patients, learning about their needs, concerns, and fears. Thanks to their empathy and communication skills, they provide essential emotional support, fostering confidence and comfort in really difficult times . Similarly, through education and awareness, they work to empower people and communities, promoting healthy habits in everyday life.

The nursing profession is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of our reality. In short, nurses are leaders in the implementation of new practices and technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of our health systems.

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