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With the arrival of Friday of Dolores, one of the most anticipated festivities in Spain begins: Holy Week. In Andalusia, especially, this celebration is lived with great intensity that transforms the streets of the cities and attracts thousands of visitors in search of culture, music and tradition . In addition, this date coincides with the national holidays of Thursday and Good Friday, which makes Easter a perfect opportunity for a well-deserved vacation.

If your chosen destination is Seville, you should know that during the seven days of Holy Week and in the previous ones, the brotherhoods of the city take their images in procession, which are carried by bearers, in an atmosphere of religious fervor and deep devotion. The steps are true works of art adorned with flowers and candles, and the music of the bugle and drum bands accompanies the faithful throughout the journey. It is impressive to see how the costaleros carry the heavy steps with images that recreate scenes of passion through the narrow streets of the city. Seville offers numerous places to see these parades in great detail, from the Cathedral to the neighborhoods furthest away from the historic center.

But Holy Week in Seville is not just religion and tradition. The city also offers other plans to enjoy different vacations. For example, the proximity to the sea encourages many visitors to choose to enjoy the sun and the beach during their days off . On the other hand, rural tourism is also becoming an increasingly popular option, thanks to its versatile climate and cheaper prices. The rural houses are an excellent option for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature.

In short, Holy Week is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Andalusian culture and tradition, but also to enjoy a few days of leisure and rest with family or friends. Spring offers all kinds of activities for all tastes, from religion and tradition to the beach and nature. Without a doubt, a unique experience that you cannot miss.

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