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Once upon a time there was a lovely dog called Bronco. Bronco lived in a cosy house with a loving family. Every day, Bronco played in the garden with the children, who adored him.

One day, the children realised that Bronco's birthday was coming up. They were excited about the idea of celebrating their furry friend's birthday.

The children, Ana and Lucas, decided to make the day a special event. They secretly set to work to prepare the best birthday party for Bronco. They decorated the garden with balloons and banners, baking biscuits in the shape of bones and preparing a delicious dog meat cake.

On the morning of Bronco's birthday, Ana and Lucas woke him up with a big hug and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Bronco, who didn't quite understand what was happening, wagged his tail with joy and licked his friends.


The party started with exciting games. Ana, Lucas and Bronco played catch and hide and seek in the garden. Bronco proved to be a very skilful dog and won most of the games.

Afterwards, everyone sat in the garden and shared a special picnic. Bronco enjoyed the bone-shaped biscuits and sniggered at the meat pie. The children also gave Bronco a shiny new necklace as a birthday present, which Bronco loved.

As the sun went down, the party continued with a bonfire where everyone roasted marshmallows and told stories. Bronco huddled with his friends and enjoyed the warmth of the campfire.

Finally, as the stars came out in the sky, Ana and Lucas looked up at Bronco and thanked him for being the best friend they could wish for. Bronco looked at them with sparkling eyes and knew that this had been the best birthday of his life.

The party continued late into the night, but Bronco was exhausted from all the fun. He curled up on his bed, with the shiny new necklace and a big heart full of gratitude for his family and friends.

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