Isofix baby car seat 1 2 3 | Side protections | From 9 to 36 kg | Removable backrest | Beige | Lionfix | Mobiclinic

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Car seats are mandatory for transporting babies in vehicles, as it is one of the most important tools to lower this worrying mortality rate among the little ones and promote child safety.

The baby car seat is an approved seat that offers numerous benefits, among which are: reducing the possibility of injuries in babies, helping to control the baby's bad behavior in the car, preventing little ones from getting dizzy, avoiding distractions in the driver and protect the physical integrity of the baby. To all these advantages is added that with the use of the Lionfix car seat , the law is complied with and unnecessary sanctions are avoided.

The Lionfix baby car seat is characterized by its comfort and safety, since its design is made up of a padding for the reducer (head and body) made of polyester, designed to be a seat with high comfort and ergonomics during long trips. Likewise, its headrest is adjustable, obtaining a maximum height of 75 cm, allowing larger babies to use the chair and avoiding having to change it annually.

Also, this car seat is a 2 in 1, since the backrest can be removed, the seat can become a booster or Booster. With this booster, children from 22 kg to 36 kg can now use it with the adult seat belt.

This car seat holds the child gently but safely, since the harness has 5 anchoring points that hold the child without allowing them to get out of the seat without the help of an adult. In addition, it is fixed to the car with the isofix system for excellent support.

Children from 15 kg to 25 kg, being big enough, no longer need to be restrained by the car seat harnesses, since at this time the car harness can be used directly as an adult even if they are still sitting in the chair, so that for a greater comfort of the boy or girl, the harnesses can be removed since they are removable.

Keeping the Lionfix chair like the first day is simple, since the fabric is completely removable, it can be removed and machine washed at less than 30º without using bleach, ironing, or drying.

In addition, with the Lionfix car seat, a "Baby on Board" car sticker is included to indicate to other drivers that the little one is inside the vehicle and to keep that precaution.

The Lionfix car seat is the perfect solution for parents looking for safety and comfort for their children while in the car.

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight: 5.8kg
  • Overall height: 67cm
  • Overall width: 46cm
  • Overall length: 45cm
  • Colour: Beige and black
  • Applied regulations are R44 from 9kg to 36kg (Group 123)
  • Backrest height: 53 cm
  • Seat width: 46 cm
  • Headrest height in highest position: 75cm
  • Headrest height in lowest position: 65cm
  • External headrest width: 38 cm
  • Headrest Interior Width: 28.5 cm
  • Interior Backrest Width: 30 cm
  • Interior seat depth: 29 cm
  • Depth without ISOFIX: 38 cm
  • Depth with ISOFIX: 46 cm
  • Booster Height (Group 3 Seat): 21 cm
  • Reducer padding (head and body): Polyester
  • Measurement of the complete harness: 4 cm wide and 82 cm long
  • Headrest positions: 4
  • Harness with 5 anchorage points and easily detachable button for adults
  • foldable isofix
  • Includes a "Baby on Board" car sticker
  • Removable backrest for correct use of Group 3 (from 22kg to 36kg)
  • Easily removable and washable textile.
  • Approved under the R44 regulation, whose approval number is E8*44R04/15*11285*00 approved by the Ministry of the Czech Republic certified by TUDSUV Laboratory.

How is the Lionfix seat installed in the car?

The installation of the Lionfix car seat in the car is very simple:

  • For Group 1: The Isofixes are folded and squared with the car anchors if it had them (see the car manual if it has these anchors). Push until you hear a click and see the button, previously red it turns green, a sign that the installation has been correct.
  • To install the seat belt, the car seat belt buckle must be passed behind the guides located at the rear of the car seat, then removed from the front again, taking care that it does not remain above from the harnesses of the car seat itself, reintroduce it backwards through the guides and finally fasten it.
  • For groups 2 and 3, anchoring with the seat belt is not necessary, since the boy or girl will already be tied directly with the car's seat belt.

We like it for:

  • Your safety
  • your comfort
  • Its size
  • Your isofix system