Leg and Foot Massager with Vibration| Remote Control and Control Panel | 10 Speeds | VIBFIT | Mobiclinic

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Nowadays we spend many hours on our feet without stopping, running from one place to another. For this reason, there is nothing better than ending the day with a good massage offered by Vibfit, the system that combines vibration with massage techniques.

With the Vibfit foot and leg massager, you can massage your legs, providing great benefits, such as improving blood circulation, relaxing the muscles, avoiding varicose veins, improving leg swelling, draining excess fluids, and improving muscle and joint pain.

The powerful and silent 30W motor will make you relax and feel the vibration of the Vibfit foot and leg massager on the part of the body where you have applied it. It has a 15-minute timer that can be adjusted up to 30 minutes, so that relaxation is complete while not having to watch the clock. In addition, with the remote control you can stop, start, accelerate, slow down and choose the programs of the machine more comfortably, while from the LED control panel you can see the speed, time and programs. Also from the LED control panel, you can start and stop the Vibfit electric massager and control the speeds and times.

The Vibfit leg massager can be especially beneficial for people who work long hours standing or sitting at their desk. Likewise, thanks to its 10 speed levels, it can be adjusted according to the abilities or needs of the person who wishes to use it, which makes it suitable for any member of the family.

In addition, the Vibfit electric foot massager is very easy to use, as you only have to sit in an armchair or in the place you prefer, rest your feet or calves and enjoy the massage while doing other activities such as reading, working or watching the TV. Also, if you want to use it on your back, you can place it at the correct height and lean on it. Be careful not to put full body weight on the device, as it can be damaged. This device can only be used sitting down at all times.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can store the Vibfit foot and leg massager comfortably anywhere when the massage is finished. In the same way, its design will allow you to transport it wherever you want, even take it on a trip or to any other place where you need and want to enjoy a pleasant massage.

Finally, the maintenance of the Vibfit foot massager is simple since you only need to worry about disconnecting the cable before cleaning. To clean the device and the silicone bases, you only need a damp cloth and neutral soap. It is important not to use abrasive or corrosive cleaning products. In addition, since the silicone pads can be removed, cleaning the device is easy.

According to reflexology, the different parts of the sole of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body, as if it were a human body map. Therefore, according to this alternative medicine practice, if we use tools such as the Vibfit electric leg/ foot massager and press to stimulate certain areas of the sole of the foot, we can influence relaxation and the proper functioning of the organs.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Measurements: 40.3 x 39.5 x 25.6cm
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Maximum Power: 30W
  • Works connected to the outlet
  • Voltage: 110-240V (the product works with 24V and 1.5A)
  • Remote Control
  • 10 Speeds
  • 5 Programs
  • Timer
  • Easy Use
  • Weight Supported: 25kg

Start up:
Putting Vibfit into operation is very simple since you only have to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Connect the charger to the socket and the cable to the unit. As soon as it is plugged in, you will hear a beep and the control panel will light up.
  2. Once plugged in, turn so that the control panel is facing forward. Select a mode according to your needs using the remote control
    remote or buttons on the device. Your settings will be displayed on the control panel. To get started, you have to press the Start/Stop button on the device's remote control.
  3. To properly turn off the Vibfit, you must first stop the device by pressing the Start/Stop button on the device or on the remote control. Then press the
    device power button to turn it off completely.
  4. Finally, you have to unplug the device when you have finished using it.


  • Function: Oscillation and Acupressure
  • Speed Range: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-5-3-1-3-5-8-3


  • Minute 1- Oscillation and Acupressure - Level 1
  • Minute 2 - Swing Only - Level 3
  • Minute 3 - Oscillation and Acupressure - Level 5
  • Minute 4 - Swing Only - Level 7
  • Minute 5 - Oscillation and Acupressure - Level 9
  • Minute 6 - Swing Only - Level 10
  • Minute 7 - Oscillation and Acupressure - Level 8
  • Minute 8 - Swing Only - Level 6
  • Minute 9 - Oscillation and Acupressure - Level 4
  • Minute 10 - Swing Only- Level 2
  • Minute 11- Oscillation and acupressure - Level 1
  • Minute 12 - Swing Only - Level 4
  • Minute 13 - Oscillation and acupressure - Level 8
  • Minute 14 - Swing Only - Level 6
  • Minute 15 - Oscillation and Acupressure - Level 4


  • Function: Only Oscillation
  • Speed Range: 3-5-7-9-2-4-6-8-10-1-5-10-5-1-5


  • Function: oscillation and acupressure
  • Speed is customizable

UI Manual Mode

  • Function: Oscillation Only
  • Speed is customizable

We recommend it because:

  • It's easy to use
  • Combination of vibration and massage
  • Easy to transport
  • Powerful and silent motor
  • It's adjustable to the needs of each person