Pack Escorial Plus | Folding walker | Blue | Aluminum | Brakes on levers | Anti-decubitus cushion | Viscoelastic | Mobiclinic

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This pack enhances the functionality of the walker for elderly people who require prolonged use in their daily lives, thanks in particular to the combination of this walking device with the anti-decubitus cushion.

- The Escorial walker for adults has an innovative and lightweight design that offers excellent mobility and stability while walking. Made of aluminium, it provides great resistance and agility in movement. Its four solid wheels are designed to comfortably overcome small obstacles on the ground both indoors and outdoors, without any risk of punctures.

The ergonomic handles of the walker with seat help to distribute and cushion the weight, reducing fatigue during use. In addition, they include soft-activated brakes to stop the walker at the desired moment and without effort, although it is also possible to leave them locked to ensure the walker is immobilised, for example, when sitting on the seat. If the walker needs to be completely immobilised, just pull the brake handles downwards and the wheels will be completely locked.

This aluminium walker has a padded seat and backrest to ensure comfort and safety, as well as adequate rest after exertion. It includes a basket designed to store your belongings safely and comfortably while you walk. You can place it either under the seat or on the front of the walker.

Technical characteristics of the walker:
Colour: Blue
Height (Max-Min): 93 - 80.5 cm
Width at the back: 60 cm
Width at the front: 53 cm
Length: 77 cm
Folded width: 24.5 cm
Folded height (Max-Min): 109,5 - 96 cm
Width between cuffs: 41 cm
Seat measurement (width x length): 34 x 34,5 cm
Height from floor to seat: 49.5 cm
Basket (height x length x width): 13,5 x 40,5 x 24 cm
Solid wheels
PVC spokes
Diameter of front and rear wheels: 15 cm
Maximum weight: 110 kg
Walker weight: 6.8 kg
Height of the backrest in relation to the seat: 20 cm
Backrest width: 49.5 cm
- The anti-decubitus cushion is designed for most walkers. It has 4 velcro fasteners that attach to the walker, so that the cushion is completely immobilised and prevents the user from slipping.

Its viscoelastic material and washable cover make it really comfortable, as well as helping to prevent bedsores in people who spend a large part of their time sitting down.

Technical characteristics of the anti-bedsore cushion:
Size: 45 x 33 x 4 cm
Weight: 220 gr
It is considered an anti-decubitus cushion
Material: viscoelastic
Washable: thanks to its PU cover
Colour: black
It has 4 velcro fasteners that keep the cushion completely immobilized.
We like this pack for:
Its practical and innovative 2-in-1 design, which makes it one of the best walkers on the market.
Its excellent value for money, which makes it affordable for all types of customers.
How light and comfortable it is to use and store. In addition, thanks to its basket you will be able to do your shopping or transport objects without any problem.
The cushion is comfortable, lightweight, adaptable to most walkers and prevents bedsores.