Walker with 4 Wheels | Ultralight Aluminium | Foldable with Brakes | Seat and Backrest | Burgundy |Model: Escorial | Mobiclinic

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Why buy a walking frame?

It is a walker for adults with an innovative and lightweight design, which offers excellent mobility and stability while walking. It provides great resistance and agility in movement, because it is made of aluminum. Its four solid wheels are designed to comfortably overcome small obstacles on the ground, both indoors and outdoors, without any risk of punctures.

The handles of the walker with a seat are ergonomic, helping to distribute and cushion the weight and reducing fatigue during use. In addition, they include smooth activation brakes to stop the walker at the desired moment and without effort. It can also be locked to ensure the immobilisation of the walker, for example, when sitting on the seat. If the walker needs to be completely immobilised, just pull down the brake handles and the wheels will be locked.

This aluminium walker has a padded seat and backrest to ensure comfort and safety, as well as adequate rest after exertion. It includes a basket designed to store your belongings safely and comfortably while you walk. It can be positioned either under the seat or at the front of the walker.

The Escorial walker for the elderly provides the user with a high level of functionality and reliability, just what you need, but best of all, you can get it at a price that is unique on the market. Do not miss your chance and get yours now!
The included instruction manual is in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Technical characteristics of the folding walker:

  • Colour: Burgundy
  • Height (Max - Min): 93 - 80.5 cm.
  • Width at the back: 60 cm.
  • Width at the front: 53 cm.
  • Length: 77 cm.
  • Folded width: 24.5 cm.
  • Folded height (Max-Min): 109,5 - 96cm.
  • Width between cuffs: 41 cm.
  • Seat size (width x length): 34 x 34.5 cm.
  • Height from floor to seat: 49.5 cm.
  • Basket (height x length x width): 13.5 x 40.5 x 24 cm.
  • Solid wheels.
  • PVC spokes.
  • Diameter of front and rear wheels: 15 cm.
  • Maximum weight: 110 Kg.
  • Walker weight: 6.8 Kg.
  • Height of the backrest with respect to the seat: 20 cm.
  • Backrest width: 49.5 cm.

We recommend this 4-wheeled walker for:

  • Its design: Practical and innovative 2-in-1 design, which makes it one of the best walkers on the market.
  • Its price: excellent value for money that makes it affordable to all types of customers.
  • Its comfort: Both its ergonomic handles when walking upright and its seat and backrest when used as a chair.