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Mobiclinic's mission is to take care of all family members , without forgetting your pet. We have made this selection of products for the most naughty in the family: dog beds , cat scratchers and carriers to provide well-being to the furry ones in the home.

Why buy products for pets?

There are many reasons why buying certain products for our pets can bring benefits for their well-being :

  1. Health : Products such as food, supplements, and toys can help keep your pet healthy and active. Proper nutrition is essential for their health, and toys and accessories keep the animal active and stimulated.
  2. Emotional well-being : Toys and certain activities can help reduce boredom and stress, while grooming products keep your pet comfortable and clean.
  3. Disease prevention : For example, flea and tick treatments prevent against these parasites.
  4. Behavior : Training collars and interactive toys are effective in training your pet to behave appropriately.

What is a cat scratcher used for?

The cat scratcher fulfills several basic functions:

  1. Helps keep your cat's nails healthy. If they don't have a proper scratching surface, they can damage your furniture or carpet.
  2. Provide a place for your cat to stretch out, as scratching is a natural activity for cats and allows them to stretch their muscles and stay active.
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety, as cats can feel stressed or anxious when they don't have a safe and comfortable place to relax and play. A scratching post gives them that space of their own.
  4. Avoid unwanted behaviors and start scratching furniture, carpets or walls.