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In the pregnancy and baby products category you will find all the items designed to make life easier and more comfortable for mums and dads. Our childcare products are carefully selected to meet the needs of parents concerned about safety, comfort and practicality in this special stage of life.

If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to warm your baby's bottles, we have several bottle warmer options to help you keep the milk at the right temperature for your little one.

To ensure a peaceful rest during pregnancy, we offer high quality pregnancy pillows that provide the support you need for your tummy and back, helping you sleep comfortably through the night.

If your baby is already in the transition stage from cot to bed, we offer child bed barriers that provide safety and peace of mind for both child and parent.

Hygiene is also important when raising a baby, which is why we have nappy bins that allow you to dispose of nappies hygienically and odourlessly.

To ease your baby's transition from bottle to cup, we offer spill-proof cups that are ideal for your little one to learn to drink liquids independently and without spills.

And we don't forget to take care of your baby's nails, so keep your baby's nails clean.