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If you are looking for a battery-powered scooter , at Mobiclinic you can find a wide variety of self-propelled scooters to ensure easy and fast mobility both indoors and outdoors. In this section you can find scooters with three or four wheels as well as some spare parts that will be useful for their maintenance. From Mobiclinic we want to offer you the best range in terms of quality and price of electric wheelchairs , designed for the complete well-being of those with reduced mobility.

Why choose an electric wheelchair?

When it comes to choosing between a manual and an electric wheelchair there are many factors to consider. Power chairs are equipped with a motor at the rear, are powered by batteries and are controlled via a remote on one of the armrests. These chairs offer people greater autonomy , allowing them to go outdoors or go shopping independently.

These chairs are especially recommended for people with mobility problems or who do not have enough strength to propel themselves with a manual chair. In this way, they can enjoy the independence they seek and move safely and effortlessly.

Indoor or outdoor electric wheelchairs?

Our electric wheelchairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to their excellent maneuverability and large turning radius. However, there are certain characteristics that can make you choose one model or another.

For example, battery life can be important if you are going to be using your power wheelchair outside for long periods of time. In our online store we have double-battery electric wheelchairs that guarantee longer duration and autonomy, making them ideal for use on the street.

In addition, we also have folding electric wheelchairs , perfect to be easily transported in any vehicle and take them with you anywhere, especially if you are traveling. Mobiclinic seeks the quality of its products and guarantees their safety so that its customers are satisfied and happy with each purchase made.