Bird feeder | Silvestres | 1.2 L | Outdoor | 20 x 22 x 20 | Garden | Hanging | Sparrows | Pico | Mobiclinic

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The Pico bird feeder plays an essential role in providing a vital resource for birds in their natural habitat, especially during times of food shortage , such as during winter. Suitable for small and large grains (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, corn, etc.). The sloped roof helps keep food out of sunlight and rain. Cob 6 drainage holes at the bottom of the feeder.

This bird feeder is not limited to being a food dispenser; It also makes for a charming attraction that attracts a wide variety of bird species . It offers a unique bird watching experience, thus promoting diversity and encouraging local fauna . Enjoy the view of the birds that come to your house, get closer to nature and the life of birds

In addition to its food purpose, the Pico bird feeder transforms into a valuable outdoor educational tool. Discovering the different species of birds, understanding their behaviors and dietary needs, becomes an educational enrichment while you beautify your environment.

The Pico bird feeder can be placed on a balcony , terrace or patio, providing an opportunity for children to get involved in caring for nature by refilling and cleaning it, providing them with an educational experience and the responsibility of maintaining a healthy environment for birds. .

The green color of this hanging feeder not only nourishes birds, but also beautifies the outdoor environment. Transform your space into a welcoming haven for wildlife , combining practical function with natural aesthetics.

Additionally, this wild bird feeder contributes to natural pest control by encouraging the presence of birds. It helps maintain ecological balance by effectively reducing unwanted insect populations in the environment.

Ease of maintenance is an added bonus: designed with durable PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene) plastics, this feeder allows for quick and easy cleaning , ensuring the happiness and health of your winged visitors.

Easy to fill and clean, thanks to its large opening lid with twist lock . The clear plastic feeder helps you know when to refill it. When it comes to filling, simply twist to unlock, open the lid and pour in the seed.

Product technical characteristics:

  • Maximum height: 25cm
  • Maximum height with hanger: 36 cm
  • Base width: 19.5cm
  • Roof width: 22.5 cm
  • Tank width vertex to vertex: 12.5 cm
  • Tank width side by side: 11 cm
  • Product weight: 250g
  • Material: PP x PS
  • Maximum capacity: 1200ml
  • Green color

We like the Pico bird feeder for:

  • Provides an essential resource during times of food scarcity
  • Enriches outdoor education and beautifies the environment
  • Contributes to natural pest control by encouraging the presence of birds
  • It stands out for its easy maintenance, ensuring the happiness and health of visiting birds.