Foldable Treadmill | Electric | LCD Display | 14km/h | Training App | Phone Holder | Tibet | Mobiclinic

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Today we have very busy lives while also wanting to add other activities to help us stay in shape and live a healthy life. In this case, the Tibet Treadmill is the perfect solution as it allows you to stay in shape without leaving the house and offers many benefits.

With the Tibet running and walking belt, you are able to train without worrying about the weather, while still being able to keep a rhythm like running outside without the numerous obstacles found outside, leading to it being the perfect training program for weight loss.

The Tibet running machine is special as it offers dual-functionality of running and walking. With this, you are able to adapt the belt to your needs using its 20 speed levels, being able to have light or intense exercise according to your goals and physical condition.

Thanks to its long surface of 121 x 41 cm, you will have a comfortable time running as well as walking, being able to change the speed from 0 to 14 km/h. Its compact structure makes the Tibet treadmill very resistant to footprints as well as generating less impact compared to running on asphalt.

Also, this electric treadmill is fitted with an LED Display with Bluetooth that allows you to connect your phone during exercise and allowing you to link with apps like Gfit, Zwift, and SPAX. The Zwift app is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, while the other two are only available in English.

Thanks to its LED display and incorporated phone holder, you are able to watch your TV shows and listen to your favorite songs while you train.

At the same time, with the apps that are compatible with the Tibet treadmill, it combines fun with serious training, thus, you will be able to progress in the virtual world as well as being able to choose between different training programs, group bicycle routes, and much more. Having fun while training is possible and with the Tibet treadmill, fun and motivation is guaranteed. Also, the treadmill is able to be used without the app, therefore it is also fitted with an LED bar with 12 training programs.

With the 12 training modes that are included in the Tibet running machine, you are able to do training that adapts to your needs, as each program includes different intensities that vary in 20 minute intervals. With this in mind, according to the program that is selected, you are able to adopt a program more or less intense without having to worry about programming it yourself. Also, if you were to prefer, you are able to to free-training without the selection of any of the 12 provided programs, allowing you to vary the training and intensity manually.

The storage and training of this foldable treadmill is very simple, thanks to its smaller dimensions, ability to be folded, and having come with wheels, allowing for storage in any place, like under the bed, the sofa, etc. or you can transport it wherever you would like to do your exercise. The only thing to keep in mind at the time of storage is to keep it in a closed space, far from dust and humidity. Further, the phone support is able to come out easily with a screwdriver in case it prevents storage.

Its maintenance is silent, so you are able to clean it easily with a damp cloth, avoiding any abrasive products. Also, it is recommended to use silicone or Teflon oil to lubricate the treadmill. Regular lubrication is recommended depending on its use, including before its first use.

The Tiber Treadmill comes with an emergency magnetic stop system that allows for complete security while training without needing to think about any accidents, so in case this were to happen, just pull the magnet and the machine stops automatically.

With the Tibet electric running machine, your are able to train in silence, wherever and whenever you wish, also with the added benefits of losing weight, improved cardiovascular health and endurance, gain muscle mass, reduce stress, and improve mood.

Enjoy the Tibet treadmill now and achieve all your goals!

Technical Characteristics:

  • Material: steel & plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 146 x 58 x 100
  • Folded Measurements:
    • Length:
      • 32cm (with included phone holder)
      • 18cm (without included phone holder)
    • Width: 69cm
    • Height: 146.4cm
  • Net (Gross) Product Weight: 32kg (39kg)
  • Power: 560min/1100Mx (W)
  • Maximum Speed: 14km/h
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Running Surface: 121 x 41cm
  • Range of Speed: 1.0 - 14 km/h
  • Maximum Motor Power: 1.5CHP
  • 20 speed levels provided
  • Maximum supported weight: 100kg
  • Foldable
  • Incorporated Phone Holder to hold your phone while exercising
  • LED Display with Bluetooth

How to use the Tibet Treadmill?

4 Easy Steps to use the Tibet Treadmill

  1. Unpack the product and lift with upright posts in the direction of the arrow.
  2. Fix the posts with 2 M10 knobs on both sides. Use a 6mm key to fix the tray support with 2 pieces of M6x14.
  3. To fold the product after use, loose the M10 knobs on both sides of the posts, then lift the machine until it is upright.
  4. In order to use the mobile wheels, the treadmill must be in its vertical position

We recommend this product because:

  • Its LED Display
  • Its different speed levels
  • Its compact design that guarantees a comfortable running experience
  • It combines fun with serious training