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Choosing a good baby stroller is essential for the upbringing and protection of a baby. The Elefant baby stroller allows parents to be with their child while carrying out daily tasks or while enjoying a walk in the fresh air.

The Elefant lightweight stroller is very comfortable, as its multifunction backrest and footrest with two levels of adjustment are adjustable, and the seat can be unfolded in such a way that it lies completely flat so that the child can rest comfortably during their naps outdoors. . The backrest adjustment is made with a strap, thus adjusting to the desired height from 90º to 180º.

The front bar of the Elefant lightweight baby chair can be completely withdrawn, allowing greater movement space when removing the baby from the chair. Likewise, its handlebar is made of FOAM, which provides a more comfortable and secure grip for parents.

The Elefant lightweight stroller for babies is also very safe, since thanks to its 5-point harness it will make the child fit perfectly in the chair, avoiding possible falls during their movements. Also, it has a padded harness cover that prevents the child from getting hurt and thus can feel safer and more comfortable. The strap with which the baby is attached can be adjusted at different heights, achieving a better fit as it grows, which will allow you to enjoy the Elefant stroller for as long as possible.

Likewise, the wheels of the Elefant baby stroller are easily removable, since simply by pressing a button they can be removed, which will facilitate the storage of the chair. In addition, the front wheels of this stroller for babies have a 360º rotation so that light movements can be made and with an anti-rotation system to fix them when it is more comfortable. In addition, its rear wheels have a locking brake and an independent brake pedal on each wheel, to be able to lock them at any time and avoid possible accidents. The wheels of this folding stroller are resistant and adjust to all types of terrain.

Its wide hood offers effective protection against any weather, in addition to having a fixing system and an understandable visor for greater protection. The hood can be collected when necessary.

The folding and lightweight Elefant stroller also has a removable pocket on the back, as well as a storage basket with a load capacity of up to 2 kg, which makes it perfect to do the shopping or store the toys on time. Going to the park will be easy and enjoyable for the parents as well.

In addition, the compact size of the Elefant reclining stroller , together with its low weight, makes it perfect for travelling, for keeping it in the car and for storage. This foldable and lightweight stroller has a double security system so that it can be easily folded into a cane or umbrella. Likewise, it includes a safety hook to prevent sudden opening when it is folded.

The maintenance of the Elefant stroller is simple, since the fabric can be washed with a cloth with soapy water at a temperature of no more than 30º. The fabric cannot be removed when the fabric is attached to the stroller with rivets and screws. As far as the structure is concerned, the metal parts should not be excessively wet, as it can cause corrosion.

The Elefant reclining stroller is a compact stroller that can be used until the child reaches a maximum weight of 15 kg according to the regulations.

The Elefant stroller is the perfect choice for parents looking for comfort and practicality, both in their day-to-day life and on trips or vacations.

Technical characteristics:

  • Colour: green and black
  • Height: 104cm
  • Backrest height: 40 cm
  • Overall width: 47cm
  • Folded measurements: 102x69x29cm
  • Total length: 56 cm
  • Seat width: 36 cm
  • Backrest height: 40 cm
  • Wheel size 5.5´´
  • Wheels Material: EVA
  • Material: 35% cotton 65% polyester
  • Folded weight: 5.6kg
  • Unfolded chair weight: 5.5 kg
  • Maximum weight supported: up to 15Kg
  • The product comes with the 4 wheels unassembled and with the hood also disassembled.

How can we fold the Elefant stroller?

The Elefant stroller folds easily in 3 easy steps:

  1. With the hand, the first security system that tightens the chair, located just above the rear wheels and marked in red, is raised.
  2. Once the system has lost a little tension, with the help of the foot through a side lever it is stepped on and the system is completely unlocked and can be folded. This is the second security system.
  3. From the handlebar, and with the other two steps completed, it is gently pushed forward and the cart is already folded. You cannot forget to place the hook once folded to prevent the cart from opening.

How can we install the removable wheels on the Elefant stroller?

The assembly of the wheels is very simple:

  • To mount the front wheels, you just have to square the hole of the wheels with the chassis and press until you hear a click. It must be taken into account that the wheel locking system is placed upwards, that is, the wheel must not be turned upside down.
  • For the assembly of the rear wheels, it must be taken into account that the brake is oriented outwards. When you hear a click, it will be put on successfully.

We recommend it for:

  • Your safety: the chair complies with the EN1888:2018-1 standard
  • It is foldable and easy to move
  • Its double security system