Manual sprayer 16 L | Fumigation | Gardening | Irrigation | Sulfator | Backpack | 4 nozzles | Pump | Fumibug | Mobiclinic

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Discover the incomparable efficiency of the Fumibug sprayer, designed to simplify the application of chemicals. Its ability to cover large areas in less time saves effort and time compared to manual methods, offering an efficient approach.

It is also ideal for irrigation. Its adaptable design facilitates uniform water distribution, making it the perfect tool to keep your plants and gardens always healthy .

This sprayer provides precise control over the amount of liquid applied, essential for adjusting doses according to the specific needs of each task. Its adaptability is highlighted with 4 interchangeable nozzles , allowing its use in various applications, from localized treatments to extensive coverage. Its capacity is 16L.

Master your garden with total precision. With a 130cm hose and 75cm lance (with switch), our sprayer gives you the perfect reach for every task. Control every drop exactly and enjoy a well-kept garden

Efficiency translates into resource savings, as the Fumibug sprayer avoids unnecessary waste of water and chemicals through targeted and effective application. In addition, its use involves less physical effort, especially in tasks that involve spraying large areas or performing repetitive applications.

The sprayer is suitable for a variety of uses in agriculture, gardening, industry and construction, such as fertilizing or fumigating ... From the application of pesticides and soluble chemical fertilizers to disinfectants , cleaners and detergents, this sprayer ensures precise and efficient distribution in each task.

This sprayer transforms into a backpack for improved, hands-free mobility during application, evenly distributing weight to reduce fatigue on long jobs. The handles are adjustable.

The incorporation of a secure lock ensures uninterrupted and easy application , without the constant need to tighten the actuator. With Fumibug, efficiency is combined with safety to offer a sustainable and long-lasting solution in every application.

Types of nozzles/heads included:

  • Simple conical nozzle: Perfect for localized treatments, it guarantees a fine and controlled distribution of herbicides and insecticides. Its cone can be adjusted depending on the application we want to make.
  • Four-hole nozzle: The four-hole nozzle creates a fan spray, resulting in wider coverage compared to nozzles with fewer holes. It is ideal for applications in large areas, such as agricultural fields or large gardens. It can also be regulated depending on the application we want to make.

  • Fan/Fan Nozzle: Ideal for uniform application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in agricultural fields. The fan shape ensures complete coverage over plants and soil.

  • Dual Nozzle: Two spray streams give you the flexibility to adjust the intensity to your needs. Ideal for specific mixtures of chemical products and adaptation to different application scenarios.

This sprayer, being manual, the operation of the pump follows a more direct and simple process, since it is activated by the user's manual force.:

  • Manual operation: The operator applies pressure on the pump lever or handle using manual movements. This process generates a force that activates the pump mechanism.
  • Pressure chamber: Pressing the lever compresses a pressure chamber inside the pump. This compression increases the pressure in the chamber.

  • Liquid aspiration: The pressure created draws the liquid from the sprayer tank into the pressure chamber.

  • Liquid Displacement: Releasing pressure by releasing the lever drives liquid from the pressure chamber to the spray nozzles.

  • Spray: The pressure generated expels the liquid through the nozzles, atomizing it into a fine mist that is sprayed onto the target surface.

Product technical characteristics:

  • Height from base to cap: 45 cm
  • Maximum tank length: 34 cm
  • Tank width (thickness): 14.5 cm
  • Height from tank to cap: 39 cm
  • Base height: 6 cm
  • Base width: 13cm
  • Base length: 31 cm
  • Plug diameter: 3cm
  • Operating arm/pump handle: 53 cm
  • Hose size: 135cm
  • Spray gun size with switch: 75cm
  • Spray gun size without switch: 58cm
  • Weight: 2650g/2.65kg
  • Material: PE

We like the Fumibug sprayer because:

  • It offers efficient chemical application and watering versatility, ensuring precise control and adaptability.
  • Its ergonomic design and secure locking make it the perfect choice for gardening tasks, reducing physical effort and ensuring sustainable and effective application.
  • Its four interchangeable nozzles and transformation into a backpack to keep your hands free.