Pet pad | 56x56 cm | 100 units | Super-Absorption | Transportable | PP-01 | Mobiclinic

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Pet pads are disposable devices that absorb the content of pet feces, allowing you to maintain home hygiene.

Their polymer material and 5-ply composition make these pads super absorbent, eliminating wet paw prints on the floor and keeping your pet's hair clean and dry.

Its SAP (super absorbent polymer) material can absorb hundreds of times its own weight of water and has a great retention capacity. It is used as raw material for sanitary napkins and diapers. In addition, SAP absorbs urine, blocks it and eliminates odors, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria to a certain extent, having a certain antibacterial effect.

These dog soakers are ideal for training and helping puppies and kittens until they are able to control their urine. Likewise, it is a perfect solution for older animals that suffer from incontinence, illnesses and even in birth and postpartum situations. Additionally, these disposable dog pads can be used on trips when transporting the animal.

Ideal for dog litters, veterinary clinics, renowned breeders, daycare centers and dog boarding houses, as well as for professionals dedicated to dog training. These pads not only guarantee superior absorption on a daily basis, but also become indispensable allies for additional situations, such as intensive training , travel and post-operative care .

Thanks to its measurements, the dog soaker is easily transportable, which guarantees that you are always calm and safe as well as being fully prepared for any incident.

These pet pads offer a large number of benefits compared to traditional newspaper, as they are more hygienic, reduce odor, are easy to dispose of, are waterproof and are replaced even less frequently.

It is important to define the place where you will find your pet's soaker , since it should be a place away from its food and the place where it sleeps. Therefore, it is advisable to place it in a fixed place where your pet can get used to doing its business there.

Technical characteristics:

  • Color: blue and white
  • Measurements: 56x56 cm
  • Box of 100 units
  • Material: 4g super absorbent polymer (SAP).
  • Antibacterial

Materials of the 5 layers:

  • Layer 1 : non-woven/white. It is a tear-resistant top sheet, makes urine flow quickly to the absorbents, keeps the surface dry and protects the core
  • Layer 2 : Fabric/white. Protects the core, quick drying and keeps the surface dry
  • Layer 3: SAP/white. Located in the core, it absorbs urine
  • Layer 4: strong/white base fabric. Protects the core, absorbs urine
  • Layer 5: Leak-proof support/yellowish brown/protect urine from leaking

We like it for:

  • Its absorption
  • Be multifunctional
  • Be transportable