Small round fish tank | PET eco | 4L | Small fish | Easy cleaning | 20x20x17.5cm | Aquatic garden | Nemo | Mobiclinic

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The Nemo fish tank, with its 4 liter capacity, is perfect for small fish such as bettas or goldfish , taking up little space and being ideal for places with space limitations. Made of transparent PET material, it offers a clear view of the aquatic environment, making it easier to observe fish.

Its design is not only compact, but also easy to clean and maintain. Being made of ecological plastic material, the Nemo fish tank allows for simple water changes and bottom cleaning. Its simplicity makes it an ideal option for those starting out in aquariums , and it is also perfect for educational projects on the water cycle, animal care and aquatic ecosystems.

This fish tank requires no electricity, making it easy to maintain without additional costs . Its lightness makes it easy to transport, making it perfect for those who need to move it from one place to another. Furthermore, after decoration, it becomes an aesthetically pleasing piece, adding a decorative touch to the environment.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities and explore your creativity with all the uses you can give to the Nemo fish tank:

  • Educational project: It can be an excellent tool for educational projects at home or at school, allowing children to learn about the water cycle , animal care and aquatic ecosystems. If you like fish or are looking for a first pet for your children that is easy to care for, this round fish tank will come in handy.
  • Aquatic Herb Garden: If you prefer something greener, you can use the fish tank to grow aquatic herbs such as mint, chives or basil. The roots can grow into the water, creating a small water garden.
  • Aquatic Microecosystem: Creates a small closed ecosystem with aquatic plants, small invertebrates and snails. This type of microecosystem is self-contained and can be fascinating to observe.
  • Decorative Centerpiece: Use the fish tank as a decorative centerpiece, filling it with decorative elements such as stones, seashells , colored sand or even submersible LED lights to create an attractive atmosphere

You can also fill the balloon fish tank with flowers , glass beads, decorative marbles or use it as a terrarium ...

Explore your aquatic creativity with the Nemo fish tank!

Product technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 17.5cm
  • Product weight: 150g
  • Mouth width: 14.5cm
  • Base width: 11cm
  • Maximum capacity: 4L
  • PET material

We like the transparent fish tank Nemo for:

  • It is perfect for small fish and small spaces due to its 4L capacity
  • It has a compact and transparent design for easy observation
  • Easy to clean and made from eco-friendly PET material, it is ideal for beginners and educational projects.
  • Without the need for electricity, its creative versatility makes it a unique decorative piece